21 Oct 2 ABB Motors and Generators | Low voltage motor manual cubierta del ventilador del motor aparecen en el catálogo de productos o en los máquinas eléctricas da ABB, utilizadas como motores ou geradores. Additional documentation. You will find all information material, such as brochures, catalogs, manuals and operating instructions for standard drive systems. Contact us. ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc. R.S. Boreham Jr Street P.O. Box Fort Smith, AR Phone: Fax:

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The terminal boxes in sizes to are equipped with cable glands or cable boxes as standard.

catalogo motores abb – [PDF Document]

Frame size not available. Options are IP 65 protected which means that they can withstand extremely hostile environments like places with high moisture. Rating plate abv available in stainless steel, see variant code This allows adjustment to the required value by using the torque regulation facility.

Cast iron D-end shield on aluminum motor. Dust-tight electgicos Degree of protection provided by the enclosure with respect to harmful effects due to ingress of water 3: There was a problem with your request.

D-end N-end V-ring Labyrinth seal. Closed keyway 8W IP The rating plate is arranged in the form of a table with values for current, power factor and motor speed at six voltages. ABB authorized value provider delivers the authorized offering of sales, support, service and engineering in close co-operation with ABB.

Single NA phase Steinmetz. Water from waves which splash over must not enter in serious quantities. Motor, terminal box and brake electrical components: UL class CC or T. Special winding insulation for frequency converter supply. Material Surface treatment Screws Die-cast aluminum alloy.

Synchronous motors for general purpose applications Synchronous motors for chemical and air separation applications Synchronous motors for marine applications Synchronous motors for metals applications Synchronous motors for mining applications Synchronous motors for oil and gas electircos. The terminal box is equipped with cable glands or cable boxes as standard, and terminations are suitable for Cuand Al-cables.

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The maximum number of connections per hour depends on: Protection of machines against the harmful effects due to the ingress of water IP Characteristic letter Degree of protection to persons and to parts of the motors inside the enclosure 2: Bearing mounted PTC thermistors. Other designs on request. Motors cataoogo readily available from central stock locations and distributors around the world. Terminal box Motor supplied in D-connection.

High voltage modular induction motors

Box 81 ES Sabadell Tel: When installing the release lever, please proceed as follows: We offer a full range of smart, safe and reliable change-over switches for your critical applications.

PT 2 per phase in stator winding. Machine-mounted independent component 8: Angular contact ball bearing at N-end, shaft force towards bearNA ing.

Angular contact bearing at D-end, shaft force away from bearing. To find product specific operating times, refer to the user manual.

The plugs are open on delivery. Heating elements Motor size: The following points must be taken into account, when selecting a motor to a variable speed drive: Brake resistor technical data Integral motor output kW general purpose ratings 0.

The losses are greater when running idle than at full load.

Now is the time to pitch your smart energy idea. The maximum life time of the grease should, however, be considered to be 40, catalogp, equivalent to around 5 years.

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The terminal box and end shields are of cast iron. Please select country from the list below. Code letters for supplementting the product code for voltage and frequency — single speed motors: The table values assume the occurrence of only radial or axial forces.

In the case of simultaneous radial and axial forces information can be supplied on request. The air gap has to be readjusted to its nominal value when the wear of the lining reaches the readjustment value Xn stated in table 1. N for frame sizes C for frame sizes Code letters for electrkcos product code for voltage and frequency qbb Motors are foot-mounted IM B3 version. Mechanical parts of the brake, protected with a rubber ring and V-ring — IP 55 optional: Pulley diameter When the desired bearing life has been determined, the minimum permissible pulley diameter can be calculated with FR or FRXaccording to the formula: The complete ball bearing designation is stated on the rating plate.