Explaining ‘godfatherism ‘ in Nigerian. Politics. Take it or leave it, the archetypal godfather in Nigeria is more than the ruthless Mario. Puzo’s kingpins in the. The conflict arising from godfatherism has become one of the greatestproblems facing the Nigerian political system. The holder of the politicalposition becomes. 23 May Interestingly, what is referred to as godfatherism may not in reality be new to Nigerian politics. Several writers have traced the origin of.

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Power-seeker enhances so much for political office but solely believe in groups of associations or elite in the society in finance this nigerina ambition godfatherisk at end to share some key post to them. Most voters godfathsrism therefore leave their homes only with the intention of collecting whatever largesse was available at the polling booths and with absolutely no interest in the capacity or niberian of whoever is declared the winner of the election.

Notify me of new comments via email. This site uses cookies. The classification is done based on the ideal of the researcher with the ways the godfatherism is entrenched in our political environment but for the purposes of the research four criteria shall be examine which are; gladiator forms of godfatherism, powerful forms of godfatherism, power-seeker forms of godfaherism and spectator forms of godfatherism and shall be analyzed as following.

Specifically, one way in which we may address the problem is to look at how parties in Nigeria are formed, structured and most importantly, financed. The World Bank,p. That entails making a decision to pick a successor in a process that is devoid of selfishnepotistic or filial sentiments, but strictly based on proven competence of the candidate and in the best interest of the society.

Bring money, nogerian guns, bring the logistics. Sometimes if they rebel early enough, the outcome could be positive as has been the case with Obiano and disastrous, if they tarry in rebelling by waiting until the 11th hour as reflected by the sad experience of Ladoja in Oyo and Ambode in Lagos, they remain shackled and could be disgraced out of office.

Adedibu, a dominant figure in the PDP in Oyo, has been instrumental in preventing free and fair elections and placing violence and corruption at the heart of politics in his state.

African Research Review

This practice is not alien to Nigeria but politixs is strange is the replication of these practices in our political system. A political godfather in the Nigerian context may even be able to form and finance a political party.

But who knows who would be the next to politically kiss the dust in the unfolding fluid and weird political comedy in Nigeria. Despite the warts, the twists and turns in our democracy, all Nigerians need to do as we approach the election season in the next few months, is to resolve to remain faithful in the practice of multiparty democracy which godaftherism soon attain a historic 20 years milestone of consistent and uninterrupted practice in Nigeria.

Nigerian politics and the scourge of godfatherism: The unintended consequences | TheCable

Through their political parties, they were able to influence the political careers and fortunes of many politicians of the period. Your email address will not be published. On election day itself Action Congress and ANPP supporters pointed to the PDP youth in several local governments as having been goodfatherism in widespread attacks on polling stations that saw many ballot boxes stolen by gangs of PDP supporters.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The situation in Rivers is discussed in more detail below.

And all that is out of the use of government funds. They could be slightly higher or lower among different sellers. The way out of this quagmire lies in a holistic appraisal of our political system. The money that is poured into mobilizing political violence in Nigeria is substantial, even if the amounts that filter down to low level thugs sometimes are not. Even if the child of outgoing Govs are recruited as political successors, the end may turn out to be unsavory.

Buhari and some PDP thugs came out from the vehicle and started harassing people.

That is in spite of the fact that Kwankwaso personally picked and installed the incumbent Gov. This has given rise to a long and ongoing wave of uncontrolled criminal violence in the state. Different Criteria of Godfatherism Basically there are different criteria for godfatherism in Nigeria political institution, which reflects in the political arena of the country. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Despite the long political association, Kwankwaso and his godson, Ganduje are now engaged in a war of attrition. The raging argument among intellectuals is that most political godfathers are self-centred individuals niberian want in return for their support and political influence so much financial and political favour from the one they helped enthrone onto authority. They do nothing else but suck the blood of their godsons and by extension the states resources like vampires.

What the PDP is, is guns and money. Therefore, most politicians will do anything to gain the favour of political godfathers. Powerful types godfathersim godfatherism: Intrinsic motivation is when you do something because you enjoy it or find it interesting and extrinsic involves doing something for external rewards or to avoid negative consequences this two concept can helps us to understand and also highlights the their impact in the society.

The Impact of Godfatherism in Nigerian Politics Preamble – ipokiayouth

According to some of the so called political gladiator and elite in society have a kind of political ideologies that the best way to be recognize in Nigerian political institution is to play a heavy way cadre in decision taking in the party and with objective of become the famous and eventual hold a political office. But their activities also help to reinforce the central role of violence and corruption in politics by making it even more difficult to win elected office without resorting to the illegal tactics they represent.

Im 50 and 90 million Nigerians are believed to live in absolute poverty. Secondly, this invariably leads to loss by the electorates in the electoral process. Numerous other examples abound of politicians who have essentially handed-over the functions of their offices to their political benefactors with the effect that most political office holders are hamstringed in the performance of their duties.

The battles lines were drawn between presidents Jonathan and also formal president Obasanjo this intense crisis among the party and their godfatherism create a chaotic background for the poitics to emerged the winning in past election. Direct State Sponsorship of Thugs in Katsina In at least one Nigerian state, Katsina, the state government paid money directly to gangs of youth who were accused of carrying out widespread political violence in return for those payments.

In the South-East, another governor was alleged to have signed documents indicating that he would serve a single term only if supported by a prominent politician in the state. Basically there are different criteria for godfatherism in Nigeria political institution, which reflects in the political arena of the country.

On the day of the election, the politician who owes his candidacy to such a godfather can count on his ability to deploy enormous wealth in a bid to corrupt electoral officials and the electorates and where these fail, violence will be deployed to bring about the desired result. Notably, as a state governor. The journey to pklitics political demise of the governor of Lagos state Akinwunmi Ambode has been titivating and salacious, bitter and sweet.

For lbori, his interest is not for pecuniary purpose.