26 Nov Francine Rivers. Buy This Book. The Scarlet Thread is an adultery story with a sort of blame-the-victim twist. Sierra and Alejandro (Alex) Madrid. The Scarlet Thread is a novel written by Francine Rivers. Plot introduction[ edit]. Sierra Clanton Madrid can’t believe her husband Alex would take a new. 1 Jun The Francine Rivers Historical Collection: The Scarlet Thread / The Last Sin Sierra confesses in Francine Rivers’s novel, “The Scarlet Thread.

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It really hit home to me because I used to be that person who held on to past hurts, and kept myself in my own pity ths. On the other hand, I’m not sure how I feel about the message of the book- I feel like the woman was blamed way more than she should’ve been.

The only good point the book made really was that giving up on a marriage isn’t the solution and that all things can be worked through with God’s help. scarlett

The Scarlet Thread – Wikipedia

I can agree with the author that the wife was somewhat “at fault” and acted selfishly. I belong to you, Father. It’s a slow read without surprises. I appreciated the fact that she did not cast all the blame on the husband or riveers wife, but it was shown more as a joint lack of prioritizing each other.

Yes, in Christian marriage I have mixed feelings about this book Troubled marriage romances are like catnip for me because of the inherent angst that they come with. The Scarlet Thread is a book that every Christian will greatly appreciate.

The author paints a real-life picture of what a troubled marriage would be like. But, they don’t actually fit with each other and could francije be extracted from the book and told independently. On one hand, I did enjoy reading it and was very motivated to keep reading and finish it. Her pride cost her her marriage. This was exactly what I needed at this time I grieve my Dad’s passing. For me, I must now put myself aside – I have had plenty of time to nurse my wounds, consider the cost, fixate on regrets and be selfish.

Nonetheless, the story is still great and can create an impact to every receptive reader.

The Scarlet Thread

Different time periods but the two women I loved the book. This book certainly was not what I was expecting. I’m all for love and forgiveness I’m seeing a disturbing trend among Christian francinee where husbands engage in extra-marital affairs and it’s always, ALWAYS ends up being the wife’s fault!!

This story is about two women in different times and the struggles that they go through. I recommend it for anyone married or planning to get married. This book was painful for me to read because I have gone through a divorce. I would read it again, and recommend it to others. The first book I noticed this “talent” in was Her Rivees Hope, and at least in that book the pain was worth it in a th story. If anything, Francine Rivers is the queen of realistically barabed conversations between people in relationship.

Quotes from The Scarlet Thread. I particularly liked reading the part about the issues in the contemporary marriage. Filled with scripture and a friend, but not what some call overly dcarlet this book appeals.

The Scarlet Thread is a novel written by Francine Rivers. I get the whole HOLYness in the best way On the contrary, both of these women had franccine hurt by others and had also done some hurting themselves ; however, they had been ‘prostitutes’ who sold their souls to other gods.

She francinf bland, boring, and I could not understand why Alex was so “madly I am facing an upcoming move with my husband, and a friend of mine saw how much I was struggling with it, and she gave me this book to “help. This article about a s novel is a stub. I think it may be a Francine Rivers summer for me she is that good.

In a way thred reminded me of the Christian movie Fireproof which I do recommend. This is not one that I’d recommend for another reader. What a gentle reminder this was to me that sin is sin – there is no varying degree of less bad or worse sin, only the degree of the consequence.

She should have been a more Christian wife to her husband. The theme of God working through all things is a very encouraging one for me. The first story is about a gradually declining marriage leading to francinee affair and the thrfad is told through the journal of a girl that used to live in the first couple’s family home.

Like all of Francine Rivers’ books that have come before, I was instantly immersed in this one. Like, the climax for me was kind of way before the actual intended climax and then what I think was the intended climax was vaguely anticlimactic.

Wondering how Sierra and Mary will cope with each new incident that comes along kept me turning the pages, eager to read on.

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Honestly, she had a legitimate reason to be ticked about having to move without having been consulted first. Please don’t let this solitary book be your lone representative of her work!

This great read makes the reader take a second look at how words and how they are said can change outcomes, especially when one realizes God is ultimately in control. I felt like I was being told what the book was all about, instead of to use an old writing cliche being shown what was going on. Marriage between the love of your life and in the end the inclusion of God within that triune marriage. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

I love that The Scarlet Thread is a tale that centers on issues about marriage, of the little things that seem harmless at first but would eventually contribute to its destruction such as unresolved conflicts and miscommunication. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

As the book went on I got caught up in their characters, and how a life without Christ could be like. This book was far too long.